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Temptation, Again

Lent has begun and we’re all left wondering where those “extra” weeks of Epiphany went to (Epiphany was 4 weeks longer this year than last year). Since my wife and I moved from an apartment to a house last week, … Continue reading

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A Prayer at the Start of Lent

Holy One, Will you be disappointed if I confess my unreadiness? It seems I can still feel the creekiness in my knees as I regain my feet after kneeling at the manger. The trek to Bethlehem was long this year. … Continue reading

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Something about Temptation

I’ve been thinking a lot about sin, repentance, and temptation in preparation for Lent. When people gathered in the small hospital chapel for the Ash Wednesday service, it would do no good to point out their sinful state or their … Continue reading

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