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A Letter from a Tired Pastor

Dear white Christian folks and other interested parties; I begin with this:  God loves you. Because we are joined together in Christ, I love you. I will also say that no one is more white than I am; I have the … Continue reading

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Too Much

Orlando Istanbul Dhaka Bagdhad Baton Rouge Falcon Heights Bullets, bombs, and hatred violate the sanctity of life every day because people hate each other. What can I say as I stand at a homicide scene in today’s early morning on … Continue reading

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Faith and Politics

It’s just after Super Tuesday and I’m having trouble reconciling the atmosphere of this election cycle with the messages of this week’s text. The common themes in the RCL this week are repentance, forgiveness, and restoration. When religion, Christianity in … Continue reading

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A Litany for the Penitent

God sets a table overflowing with grace and invites all who hunger and thirst to come and eat and be satisfied. Yet, we claim the table for ourselves alone and then fail to sit still and drink deeply. With generosity … Continue reading

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A Prayer at the Start of Lent

Holy One, Will you be disappointed if I confess my unreadiness? It seems I can still feel the creekiness in my knees as I regain my feet after kneeling at the manger. The trek to Bethlehem was long this year. … Continue reading

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Out of the depths I cry to you, O God. O God, hear my voice! My focus is off this week. I’m still stunned by the murders in Charleston and searching for a way to make meaning in the midst of … Continue reading

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