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Whether We Know it or Not

I can’t shake the idea that Paul’s sermon to the Athenians could take place in almost any town in the U.S. today. There are many churches. Just as Paul could tell those Athenians that it was easy to see how … Continue reading

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For Your Consideration

In recognition of Mental Health Sunday in the United Church of Christ, I am posting the following poem from Barefoot Theology, pg. 164-165. I wrote this poem based on many real conversations I’ve had over my years as a clinical chaplain in … Continue reading

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There’s More to the Story

I used to think that Easter was the easiest Sunday to preach. The story tells itself and there’s so much else going on in the service that a brief sermon highlighting resurrection couldn’t go wrong. However, as the years have … Continue reading

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Seeing Light in the Darkness

Blindness scares me. When I was 19 an eye doctor told me that if my eyes continue to change at the rate they were changing, I’d be blind by the time I was 30. I remember buying a new sketch … Continue reading

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More than Words

Up until recently, I had thought that the Beatitudes and the verses that follow (I extend the reading to v. 15)  were to address the crowd that had gathered.  The meaning of this passage changes for me when I notice … Continue reading

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A Dream of Change

As my Facebook friends know, I frequently have weird, vivid dreams. They are often entertaining and sometimes just symptomatic of my need for vacation. Dreams that would make a good sci-fi novel are nothing new for me. I remember them … Continue reading

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Displaced People

Just this afternoon someone asked me, “Why church?” meaning why do I continue in ministry when there are other things I could be doing? My answer to this is simple. The church saved my life during my teenage years. If … Continue reading

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