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Confessional Prayer for the End of the Liturgical Year

Shepherding God, you want only goodness for your people. At the close of this liturgical year, a good look around makes it clear that your ways are not always human ways. If your ways were our ways, all would have … Continue reading

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Prayer of Confession

God of all times and places, in Christ you set us free to pursue righteousness and holiness without the limits of the laws given to Moses. You wanted us to worship you without the framework that had become distracting for … Continue reading

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A Tough Thought… or Two

By word of warning, this week’s lectionary contains complex theology. Here’s my attempt at distillation… This week I find myself strangely drawn to Abraham. It’s not his parenting skills I admire for sure. Last week we read how he exhiled … Continue reading

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A Prayer for the Hagars and Ishmaels

Incline your ear, O Lord,    and answer me, for I am poor and needy.   Preserve my life,    for I am devoted to you; save your servant who trusts in you.   You are my God;    be … Continue reading

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Responding to Yet Another Shooting

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the anger, the blame, the fear, and the complete lack of change. Yes, I am talking about “gun violence”, but I could make this statement about other things as well. … Continue reading

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Pastoral Prayer for Pentecost

God whose very breath gives us life, allow your Spirit to blow freely through this place. May we feel your mighty winds clearing away our disbelief, our reluctance, and our ambivalence leaving only the full knowledge that we are yours. We rejoice … Continue reading

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A Few Words

Every time I read Psalm 68 I remember a Bible study group I led early in my career. Someone shared parts of this Psalm as the opening devotional, commenting particularly on the psalmist’s invitation to ascribe glory and power to … Continue reading

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Whether We Know it or Not

I can’t shake the idea that Paul’s sermon to the Athenians could take place in almost any town in the U.S. today. There are many churches. Just as Paul could tell those Athenians that it was easy to see how … Continue reading

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For Your Consideration

In recognition of Mental Health Sunday in the United Church of Christ, I am posting the following poem from Barefoot Theology, pg. 164-165. I wrote this poem based on many real conversations I’ve had over my years as a clinical chaplain in … Continue reading

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There’s More to the Story

I used to think that Easter was the easiest Sunday to preach. The story tells itself and there’s so much else going on in the service that a brief sermon highlighting resurrection couldn’t go wrong. However, as the years have … Continue reading

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