A Bit of Poetry

I’m on vacation this week so I am sharing a poem based on the Song of Solomon reading from my book, Barefoot Theology.


we held hands, my beloved and I47932_426554064163_542639163_4923622_1271989_n
made promises to care for one another
to share laughter and tears
forgiveness and grace
strengths and weaknesses
to bring all of ourselves to this
sacred moment
standing before friends and family
asking God to bless and bind our relationship
then we stepped into our wedded life

we hold hands now, my beloved and I
whispering, “Come away with me”
in moments of quiet celebration
offering comfort in grief
encouragement when hope slides away
never forgetting the blessing we received
the day God joined us together
for a lifetime of never letting go

one day the beauty of springsnow-259974_1920
will be a shadowy memory
after adventures through seasons
stormy and gentle
all with my beloved saying,
“Arise my love, my fair one,
come away with me”
always hand and hand
blessed with Grace

RCL – Year B – Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost – August 30, 2015

Song of Solomon 2:8-13 with Psalm 45:1-2, 6-9  or
Deuteronomy 4:1-2, 6-9 with Psalm 15
James 1:17-27
Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23


About rachaelkeefe

Hi. I am a pastor, an author, a painter, and a poet. My latest book is available now to order from Chalice Press, The Lifesaving Church: Faith Communities and Suicide Prevention (http://amzn.to/2DZ55EU).
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2 Responses to A Bit of Poetry

  1. Carolyn says:

    Rachael, I find this to be such a resonating poem, that each time I read it I get goosebumps. The emotions and pictures that it stirs about my own marriage/relationship are wonderful. Walking hand in hand through the seasons of life and loving, accepting and nurturing all the way is what it’s all about. Thanks for this, today and every day.

  2. rachaelkeefe says:

    Carolyn, I’m glad to hear that this poem does what it was meant to do 🙂

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